Less Than Three – Naturally

Dee Dadson-Bowerman of Sandford, makes natural, vegan, organic skincare under the brand: Less Than Three – Naturally. Her aim is to make our products as organic, natural and as safe as possible using plant materials derived from nature, while also making them affordable and able to be used by most people.

Dee’s ethos is to empower individuals, making them more informed about skincare ingredients and offering products that are not only trusted but crafted with the environment in mind. As she aspires to become Tasmania’s favourite hand cream, her personal, responsive, and knowledgeable approach cements them as a brand you can trust.

Being a part of Cultivate feels like a game-changer for me and my business. It has come along at a time where I need to be pushed to the next level and will help me to plan and manage that by offering the invaluable opportunity to receive personalised advice tailored to the unique needs of my brand by experienced mentors. As a part of this program there is the bonus of becoming a part of a supportive, successful small business community. This program, to me, is not just a learning opportunity for me and my business, but is also a journey toward a thriving, interconnected business ecosystem working together.

– Dee Dadson-Bowerman | Less Than Three – Naturally