“I’m increasingly aware that I need to engage a contract manufacturer if I were to increase production (given my time is currently a capacity constraint), but I also need to pitch to retail channels and have sales agreements in place before engaging a contract manufacturer to produce at scale.”

– Jeremy Aldred | Owner, l’amandier

We hear you, Jeremy!

Taking a leap into contract manufacturing is an exciting step in scaling a business, and it’s so important to be equipped with the skills and channels you need to make it happen. We’re looking forward to working with Jeremy in Cultivate!

The French word ‘l’amandier’, translated to ‘almond tree’ in English, is a befitting name for Jeremy’s business. Using organically grown ingredients from his own garden, as well as local growers, l’amandier creates French and Italian artisan cookies, jams, and preserves, including a gluten free and vegan range.