King Island Brewhouse Pty Ltd

King Island proudly produces quality, locally made beer on King Island, For King Island.

Based in Pegarah, owners Sarah and Corey Brazendale produce a range of craft beer and ginger beer, and offer tours of the brewhouse and surrounds.

King Island Brewhouse also supports local music and hosts a variety of events, including a regular pizza night which often books out!

As relatively new business owners, Cultivators Sarah and Corey are looking forward to gaining skills and knowledge that will allow them to manage time and priorities within their business.

“I need help getting the ‘admin’ of starting the business done rather than focusing on just the day-to-day running of the business. I’m time poor and don’t know where to easily start. I need a push in the right direction.”

– Sarah Brazendale | Owner, King Island Brewhouse Pty Ltd