Frangipani Fabrics

Where compassion meets creativity.

Founded in 2000 by mother and daughter team Ann and Briony Alderslade, Frangipani Fabrics is a community sewing hub in North Hobart, Tasmania.

They are a social enterprise, fabric shop and sewing school in Tasmania with the goal of promoting creativity and making the psychosocial benefits of sewing accessible to everyone.

Their Cultivate aim is to create beautiful, easy to read sewing patterns and Tasmanian fabrics that reflect a story, environment and culture.

Empowerment in every stitch! We’re using Cultivate to nurture our in-house talents, strengthen our social enterprise, and create unique Tasmanian sewing patterns and fabric which reflect our story, environment and heritage.

– Briony Alderslade & Faith Ner | Frangipani Fabrics