Bootcamp 2023 Update

What a diverse bunch the 35 new Seedlab Tasmania Bootcampers for 2023 are! 

We have people producing everything from jewellery to horse hair talismans, from candles to coffee, from skincare to absinthe, from perfume to food for pampered pooches!

As usual, we are over-achieving in female-led businesses, with a whopping 79% of our new founders identifying as women.

We’re interestingly spread around the State, too, with 29% from the North-West, 6% from the North, and 65% from the South.

Here’s what some of their reasons for applying for Seedlab are (many of which keep popping up again and again):

“To give ourselves access to knowledge and practices that will enhance our business profitability and equip us to help manage significant upscaling of our business.”

– 2023 | Seedlab Tasmania Bootcamper

“I want to learn as much as I can to build my business so that I will be able to work solely in my business (I currently work as well). I love what I do and it’s something I want to do full-time. I have stockists but I would like to increase these, as well as increase my online presence and online sales.”

– 2023 | Seedlab Tasmania Bootcamper

“We purchased the farm 12 months ago and have watched via your social media all of the brave participants be supported to develop their dreams.”

– 2023 | Seedlab Tasmania Bootcamper

Watch this space as we put faces to the names, embrace them into our village, and work towards making their dreams real, too.

We’ve shared some pics from our first day out at Salamanca Market recently – showing that our village came out to support the new kids on the block. That’s our Seedlab village in action right there!

Bootcamp 2023: Bring it on!