Success from Cultivate with Hazelbrae Hazelnuts

Christie Mcleod and Mick from Hazelbrae Hazelnuts did our Seedlab Tasmania Cultivate Accelerator Program last year. Since then they have totally revamped their cafe, and are focusing their business differently.

We asked them some questions about their Cultivate experience:

Q: Why did you want to be part of Cultivate?
A: “For advice and support in gearing our business towards growth and prosperity.”

Q: Has Cultivate addressed specific gaps or needs you had in terms of your business capability?
A: “It has given us valuable tools and decision making strategies to ensure future opportunities are well planned, resourced, and financially responsible.”

Q: If you hadn’t become part of Seedlab – how would you have addressed these gaps or needs?
A: “I probably wouldn’t have looked at it for another couple of years and just plodded along, probably making costly mistakes along the way.”

Q: What were the unforeseen/unexpected benefits of being in Cultivate?
A: “Becoming part of a really diverse and interesting community of entrepreneurs that will be a career long support system for us all.”

Q: What are you now doing or feeling differently/better as a result of your time in Cultivate?
A: “Making growth decisions based on financial viability rather than dreams & inspirations alone. Taking time to plan better, sometimes bigger changes rather than rushing cheap versions through.”

Q: If the Department of State Growth (Tas) asked you what you gained from being part of Cultivate, what would you say to them?
A: “Encouragement and support to finally step outside of working ‘in’ the business and find the value of working ‘on’ it.”

and finally:

Q: If a fellow business asked you whether to apply for Seedlab – and what to expect – what would you say to them?
A: “Do It.”

So: Do It!

You can apply to be part of our 2022 Cultivate Accelerator group: it’s FREE, online and just for Tasmanian producers of consumer products, with up to 19 staff.

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