Seedlab Sisters Bootcamp Programs Ready to Begin!

Two Seedlab Sisters Cradle Coast Bootcamp Programs are about to start with over 35 women:  5 from King Island, 7 from Southern Tasmania and a whopping 23 from North-West Tasmania!

The programs will support entrepreneurial women to be more confident in their idea, and to learn business tools to help grow their ventures and tell their stories with conviction.

“We are particularly thrilled about the 5 King Islanders joining the program, which is a direct outcome from our recent Workshops on the island.” Said Dr Hazel MacTavish-West, CEO and Co-Founder of Seedlab Tasmania. 

For example:

  • Murphy Summers from King Island Fresh, Currie, will be developing a venture to develop market opportunities for fresh King Island produce.
  • Jacqueline Brumley and Shimon Tchobutaru are looking to diversify their Naracoopa-based Yoga business. They want to develop stretch classes to help men, particularly, with ailments, and develop women’s circles.

Other participants include:

  • Ellie Grifin from Moorleah who wants to develop a bush retreat, and
  • Anne Rogers from Devonport who wants to expand her “I Hate Cooking” business, and
  • Cal Heath from Lower Snug, who has a greeting card business.

We simply can’t wait to get started helping make dreams real for these women and their businesses.

Seedlab Sisters Cradle Coast is supported by the Department of Communities and the Cradle Coast Authority. The partners are Seedlab Tasmania, the Cradle Coast Authority and Swinburne University.