Good Fermentations Take Time Masterclass

With around 40 live participants and another 40 or so zooming in from around the country to watch online, the Good Fermentations Take Time Masterclass was a great success, with wonderful feedback from those who joined us.

Good Fermentations Take Time was collaboratively developed by Seedlab Tasmania, The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, The Centre of Food Safety and Innovation at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, Sydney-based Quantal Bioscience, and Fermentasmania. 

The Masterclass was a great opportunity to meet Tasmanian fermentation heroes as they shared their global knowledge of the science, creativity and ecosystem behind fermentation and network in the community. From culturing a starter, to alcohol fermentation, to plant-based cheese and everything in between, speakers shared their expertise on all aspects of fermentation best practice.

I discovered the enormous range of fermentation agents approved and used in all areas of food production, and the possibilities for integrating AI into quality control of every part of the food chain. It was a great seminar, very well run, and the speaker selection was excellent.

– Kristin | Good Fermentations Take Time participant

Fermentation is a complex and vital part of food production; it brings people together. Whether it’s comparing the flavour notes in beer or assessing the appropriate starters for your sourdough, fermentation plays a crucial role in many of the food and beverages we produce and consume.

The online presentation was seamless and punctuality was good.

– Andrew | Good Fermentations Take Time participant

We heard about the rich history and variations in the ways that fermentation is applied, we reached out for help in our ventures, we talked about compliance in fermentation practices, we learned about integrating new technologies into fermentation, we shared knowledge, we discovered tips and tricks in refining technique, and we found some great resources and connections.

And just like any good starter culture, we have grown.