Get a Cultivated Spring in your Step with Seedlab

New for 2022, and thanks to support from the Department of State Growth, Seedlab Tasmania is providing access to our 4 month Cultivate Accelerator Program for early stage Tasmanian producers of consumer products.

The Seedlab Tasmania Cultivate Accelerator Program is a free, statewide opportunity for Tasmanian early stage businesses (1-19 employees), who produce consumer products*, to scale and grow for local, interstate and international sales. For the first time, access to Cultivate is now open to businesses who are simply “pitch ready” for the program, they do not first have to undertake our Bootcamp incubator program. Hazel MacTavish-West said: “This change recognises that many businesses already have their retail proposition ready and they understand their customer, and can effectively pitch this. Cultivate will fine tune this, help get their business ready for growth, and unearth new opportunities.” All the information about how to apply is on the Seedlab Tasmania website.

*Consumer products include fresh agri-food, and value-added food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), also personal care, homecare and other products consumers buy: like art, books and jewellery.

Cultivate is for businesses who are really ready to grow, but who may not have in-house skills for all their business needs, nor the funds to pay for trusted advice in all areas. Cultivate helps put your business on the path for growth and success.

The Seedlab Tasmania Cultivate Program is delivered using our proven approach of on-demand video/audio content hosted on The Seedlab Academy, with monthly 2 hour live online discussions and informal chats, delivered over 4 months. The program covers all the ground required to ensure your products and business are well situated for growth, and is augmented with one on one mentoring and support, retail and investment pitch opportunities and other events.

“Seedlab Tasmania has helped entrepreneurial people throughout Tasmania make their dreams real. Participants have given up their day jobs, built their families into their businesses, employed staff, built new premises and now speak with confidence and excitement about their futures. Seedlab helps grow profitable and sustainable businesses, faster, safer and bigger than participants ever thought possible”. Dr Hazel MacTavish-West, Founder and CEO, Seedlab Tasmania.

Dates for Seedlab Tasmania Cultivate Accelerator Program for 2022 (there’ll be another one in 2023): Early October 2022 – early March 2023 (with a 6 week break from mid-December 2022 to early Feb 2023)

There is a two step application process: complete the online Seedlab Tasmania Application Form at and prepare and submit a pitch video outlining your business and products by 9am Monday 12th September 2022. All the information about how to apply is on the Seedlab Tasmania website.

Seedlab is a unique, proven and independent incubator and accelerator program for businesses producing fresh, and value-added food and drink products, and other consumer products for local, interstate and international markets. Applications for our Bootcamp Incubator program are also open, however this will not commence til early 2023.