Elemental Ecoshrouds

Based in Yolla, Elemental Ecoshrouds create wholly Australian woollen burial wraps.

In addition to being a beautiful and comforting natural product, wool composts readily, and does not contribute to environmental pollution as it breaks down.

Owner Bronwyn’s beautifully sustainable burial shrouds feature an absorbent woolen liner and memory pocket. The funeral industry is shifting into a sustainable mindset, and Elemental Ecoshrouds provide an alternative for those looking to farewell their loves ones with minimal environmental impact.

“The team at Seedlab are experienced, knowledgeable solution finders and I would be honoured to call them part of my team. I know following this path I will avoid error, heartache and costly mistakes, and I value the mentors and excitement of being on the path of other entrepreneurs. I come with the passion, willingness, sheer determination and curiosity to grow both.”

– Bronwyn Laura Douglas | Owner, Elemental Ecoshrouds