Bootcamp 2023 Wrap UP

Our first Bootcamp Incubator Program of 2023 has come to an end and as usual we love to reflect on the journey and what everyone has got out of the program. Hint: It’s a lot!

We’ve been really happy to welcome these 30+ businesses into the Seedlab Community and we are looking forward to seeing them flourish in the future.

If you know a business (or have a business) that might benefit from the Seedlab Tasmania Bootcamp program, now is the time to tap them on the shoulder. Applications for our final round of Bootcamp for 2023 close on the 7th August 2023. The very next time we have an article about participants in our program it might include them (or you!).

Bootcamp was fantastic, all in the name and exactly what is needed for new businesses and to bring ideas into reality, with so much support and content to move on with.

– Lynette Correy | Balanced Life Soils

I’d tell them (other business owners) to sign up. Absolutely. But to ensure they leave plenty of time to do the work in between sessions, as a real application to their business/product. Not just to tick the boxes.

– Brett Harris | Batchi Cold Brew Coffee

You really should do Bootcamp, it is so valuable and helps you move forward from just tinkering with your ideas and creativity to really thinking about yourself as a professional who can make a living from your creativity. Bootcamp gives you all the tools you need from professionals who know how to do it.

– Anna Phillips | I Flashed Back

No matter how much you think you know already, Bootcamp is full of great ideas and the team’s deep knowledge and feedback are invaluable. It will kick start you out of your comfort zone and propel you to a new level.

– Robyn Lewis | Milford

You might learn a little or a lot but what you do learn will benefit you greatly.

– Dana Cleary | Revive 3D

I have said to many of them already – do it! It clears the fog so you can actually map an effective path to the next stage.

– Stuart Addison | Salvage

DO IT! You are bound to learn something and meet some great people along the way!

– Alex Johnston | Tasmanian Dog Food Co.

Be open-minded and give it a go – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

– Michelle Bennett | Tasmanian Soap Farm

It’s a great resource to learn from that can help give clarity on how your business development should proceed.

– Tim Schmidt | The Tassie Hemp Shop

It’s definitely worth doing, but only if you put the time into it. You will get out what you put in.

– Samantha Jones | Drifters End Distilling Company

Do it, the collective experience from the presenters and being in a group with like minded people would be a great asset to any business.

– David Lyne | Fine Lyne Distillery

I’ve loved every minute of the experience! Thank you to all the team! Bring on the opportunity to pitch for Cultivate!

– Liz Preece | Little Forest Gardens

Thank you!

– Carolyn Watts | Native Organics

I have already said to others that Bootcamp is a ‘gift’ to anybody who is starting out with a new product. That, even though I have 40 years of experience in travel product development, fishery development, farm management and event management….I learned soooo much that has provided me with a stable foundation to move forward with my new venture.

– Audrey Critchlow | Ocean Silk

I’ve already been telling people to get into it and how valuable this team is.

– Renée Malby | Riverdance Farm

Really appreciate the commitment and support from Seedlab and look forward to what’s next for my business. Thank you

– Kimberly Steele | Secret Spice Co

100 % do it. And in fact I am encouraging a friend/business owner to apply.

– Hilary Schofield | Tasmanian Perfume Company

Doing the Seedlab bootcamp course was an fantastic learning experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow and improve their small business. The presenters were highly engaging, and passionate about their areas of expertise, and I gained a lot of valuable insights and knowledge from the course that I will implement into my small business. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Seedlab Bootcamp and excited about what the future brings for my small business.

– Ildi Borzak | Ted&Tilly