Barber’s Bees and Berries features in Tasmanian Country

Meg Barber from Barber’s Bees and Berries is one of our current Cultivators, and she recently had a chat to Tasmanian Country about her Bootcamp experience.

After completing a course in natural beekeeping, Meg fell in love with the idea – and by the end of that same day, her first hive was on the way. Meg’s Campbell Town based business is blooming, and her beeswax products and berries can be found at an array of local markets.

She soon became a collector of local swarms, and has expanded her hives along with her range of ethically produced natural beeswax products, including environmentally friendly beeswax wraps, soap, candles, DIY kits, and a variety of personal and pet care products.

The careful production processes used to manufacture Barber’s Bees and Berries products ensures that the natural antimicrobial properties and health boosting propolis of beeswax are retained. Meg sources as much as possible from her hives, with other products sourced from local and Australian ethical suppliers.

Meg sat down with Tasmanian Country and discussed all things Bootcamp, including the knowledge she gained in taking her business to the next level. Take a look at what she had to say, and if you’re a small to medium-sized Tasmanian business owner and you want a piece of the action, now is the time to apply for Bootcamp.

“I want to further develop my business skills and to ensure my business is successful now and into the future. The support and knowledge from the Seedlab team is exceptional. I would like to build on the knowledge I obtained from Bootcamp to further grow and develop my business.”.

– Meg Barber | Barber’s Bees and Berries

You can see the article below or read it online at Tasmanian Country.