Vertical Pastures Pty Ltd

Vertically grown soilless herbs and salad greens, 365 days a year, without outside impact and with zero emissions? Sign us up!

Peter’s business, Vertical Pastures Pty Ltd, is based in a converted shipping container in Battery Point. Peter’s revolutionary method of hydroponic farming is a viable and sustainable solution to environmental degradation due to farming, and is unaffected by adverse weather events.

Peter is one of our 2022 Cultivators and is keen to get the know-how to scale his business to facilitate increased demand for his produce.

“Due to the unique situation that we find ourselves in at the moment with the majority of the Eastern seaboard farmers not being able to grow lettuce due to floods and the rising water table, I find that and may need a little help in upscaling and continuing with the fast growth that I am experiencing.”

– Peter Handy | Vertical Pastures Pty Ltd