Business support for food, drink and agritourism businesses.

After a terrific Bootcamp #3 with 26 businesses from all over Tassie, including King Island and the East Coast (see later on in this Leaflet), we received Cultivate pitch videos from 18 businesses (some from Bootcamps 1 and 2).

We apply strict selection criteria for Cultivate, because the intense 6 month program is not for the faint hearted. We have selected 13 businesses to become Cultivate Cohort Group #3.  They are:

Alchymia Distillery, Table Cape (North-West Tasmania) Matt & Sarah Packwood-Hollings are the founders of Alchymia Distillery based on the NW coast of Tasmania at Table Cape. Alchymia Distillery will be a boutique distillery and tasting room, making premium hand crafted Single Malt Whisky and Gin on site. Matt and Sarah hope to develop their business strategy, marketing plan and overall business knowledge through working with Seedlab.

Braeside Barn, Franklin (Southern Tasmania) Susie and Andrew Hunt are the founders of Braeside Barn, an Agritourism business in development in Franklin. Braeside Barn will offer unique, affordable barn stays in a fully renovated Apple Packing shed showcased with local Huon Valley produce, including aged black garlic & preserves. Dark sky tourism opportunities too! By participating in Cultivate #3 they aim to improve their business planning, refine product development, access support & mentoring for agricultural commercial food production, avoid the pitfalls ahead & make the most of every opportunity. 

Hazelbrae Hazelnuts, Hagley (Northern Tasmania). Christie Mcleod (a former teacher) and Micheal Delphin, a diesel mechanic, own Hazelbrae, a multi-award-winning hazelnut farm in Hagley, near Launceston. Hazelbrae wants to expand its offering and develop a unique treetop accommodation and agritourism experience to compliment its farm shop and restaurant.  Through Cultivate, they hope to gain the expert advice and make the industry connections necessary to help them complete the project efficiently and reduce costly errors to give them the best chance of developing a resilient and successful business.

Herbert & Co. Honeybee Products, Glenore Inn, Whitemore (Northern Tasmania). Herbert and Co Honeybee Products, Whitemore Tasmania was founded by Catriona Nicholls and Ian Herbert.  Cat, who will be the main Cultivate participant has a strong background in agricultural communications and extension. Herbert and Co Honeybee Products supplies European honeybees for crop pollination and seed production, produces small batches of raw, cold-extracted honey, and creates a limited range of thoughtfully curated natural beeswax products. They hope to refine their brand story, fully explore a range of potential ‘delivery-to-market’ channels and create a rock-solid foundation for their business, based on sound marketing and business principles.

House of Fudge, Hobart (Southern Tasmania).  Roz Madsen and her family own House of Fudge, based in Mount Stuart, Tasmania. House of Fudge currently produces 13 varieties of award-winning Fudge made from local ingredients, and sold throughout Tasmania.  House of Fudge is a premium, handcrafted smooth and creamy textured fudge. The gluten-free range is available in 13 delicious flavours and has won a gold medal at the Australian Food Awards. The stylish packaging is unique with strong brand identity and is also national award winning. House of Fudge plan to expand their production base, develop new vegan and sugar-free varieties, and also focus on national and export markets.

Huon Me Crumpet Co. Glen Huon (Southern Tasmania). Ally and Cameron Skeels (“The Crumpeteers) started producing handmade, small batch, naturally fermented sourdough crumpets in lockdown, and now supply the food service industry, a number of retail outlets, and sell at markets. They are interested to expand their business and learn how to deal with medium-sized retailers and also undertake longer term business planning including an exit strategy.

Leap Farm, Copping (Southern Tasmania). Iain is an ecologist turned farmer, with PhD in zoology and two post-doc research fellowships, and was a Lecturer and Researcher at Macquarie University. Kate is an Emergency Medicine Specialist (based at RHH ED) having worked in rural and urban Australia, with a passion for farming when she is at home. Since 2012, Iain and Kate have been running Leap Farm, a mixed enterprise on Tasmania’s lower east coast. The farm produces award winning meat and cheese (under their Tongola Cheese brand) using sustainable farming practices. Iain in his spare time is an active member of Farmers for Climate Action and Kate hosts a podcast on sustainable farming (The Curious Farmer).

Old Beach Berries, Old Beach (Southern Tasmania). David Wareing and Cathryn Maloney own Old Beach Berries, in Southern Tasmania. Previously David was an Occupational Therapist, and Cathryn, a Speech Pathologist. Now they are sharing the rural dream. “You can see it, you feel it, you taste it and you can trust it”.  They want their business to grow through the development of sound business practices, market channels, and the addition of new products and experiences.

OMNI Salt Tasmania, Blackmans Bay (Southern Tasmania).  Emily Quintin worked in digital and social media marketing for 15 years at several large organisations. Emily now produces great tasting seed and spice seasoning blends mixed in Tasmania from locally-sourced ingredients. Emily hopes to turbo-charge her business with the help of Seedlab’s Global Gurus and Local Legends, and is looking forward to adapting, improving, and refining the way she operates so she can scale up.

Shelduck Farm, Montana (Northern Tasmania). Shelduck Farm is located at Montana in the Meander Valley and the business has been founded by Sally and Rob McCreath. Their aim is to offer consumers food products and agritourism experiences that represent the best of Tasmanian produce. Seedlab will help them to grow and develop Shelduck Farm into a successful enterprise eventually offering a range of on farm agritourism experiences and to sell their products to mainland Australia and possibly New Zealand.

Southarm Craft Distillery, South Arm (Southern Tasmania). The founders of Southarm Craft Distillery are Jean and Kent Moore (both teachers). Southarm Craft Distillery manufactures Premium Taswegian spirits; proposes to export spirits and operate the “Day in the Southarm Distillery experience”. They can manufacture at least 10 times their current quantity of spirits; and require assistance in how to best distribute their spirits to their consumers.  They need to understand how to become export ready and begin to work towards our agritourism enterprise.

Wellington Park Distillery, Collinsvale (Southern Tasmania). Dale Williams and Claire Poole are the founders of Wellington Park Distillery which is located at the edge of Mt. Wellington near Collinsvale, Tasmania. The distillery is set on 32 acres of stunning farmland at the edge of Mt Wellington. Beyond the cellar door they have dreams to produce berries and botanicals for gin as the land was once a berry farm. They create “Eden”: Pure Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky from Tasmania’s highest distillery.  They hope “to learn how to build their distillery and farm business into a profitable, export-ready, employer with the help of the Seedlab Team”. 

Winsome Spirits, Lower Longley (Southern Tasmania). Winsome Spirits, founded by Brian Hatfield, and located in Lower Longley. Brian’s aim was to “create uniquely fun and quirky beverages from the finest Tasmanian ingredients and to take them to the world”.  He hopes Cultivate will expand his business horizons. Brian was previously a scientific programmer at the CSIRO.