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Seedlab Tasmania

December 2020

As we set our sights on helping Tasmanian businesses thrive and recover from COVID-19 and  the year that was, we are setting out our Seedlab stall to provide a range of training and support programs for the wider agri-food community via our Seedlab Start™, Seedlab Scale™ and Seedlab Grow™ programs.

The Seedlab Team have been having quite a few conversations with stakeholders and sponsors as we set our sights on helping Tasmanian businesses thrive and recover from COVID-19 and the year that was. 

The Seedlab Tasmania program is designed to ensure more significant return on Federal Government and sponsor investment by being a practical, repeatable and scalable model. 

While Seedlab is about helping businesses to start, scale and grow, the team know how to design and execute real world, bespoke programs to deliver value for a wide range of audiences.

Our model can be diversified and focused on the needs of a wide range of participants in a specific cohort group, for example:

  • Pre-Tertiary students
  • Tertiary Students – undergraduate and postgraduate
  • Individuals re-entering the workforce
  • Individuals and businesses in a specific region
  • Businesses of a specific type: for example agri-tourism, dairy or artisanal food producers
  • Businesses at a range of stages of development from idea, to startup, to SME and even larger companies.

Start. Scale. Grow.

In Seedlab, we know that one size doesn’t fit all business types and stages.

We have developed specific modules from the comprehensive Seedlab Tasmania program to help individuals and businesses start, scale and grow. 

  • Seedlab Start: Hobby to Business. Helping you get started in business
  • Seedlab Scale: Business to Substantial Distribution Helping you be 100% in your business
  • Seedlab Grow: Business to Broader Opportunity Helping you grow your business

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