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Seedlab Tasmania

November 2021

Many people in Tasmania talk about Seedlab as a living breathing thing. An entity, in its own right. There is an almost tangible thrill from pretty much everyone who has even the slightest touchpoint with Seedlab.

it’s not just the 100 or so businesses who have participated in the program who talk about Seedlab that way. I hear it from the dozens of Local Legends (and quite a few Global Gurus) who have come to share their wisdom and experience with us, too. From stakeholders and sponsors, and from the team. Also from people who have applied to be future Seedlab participants (we have 50 businesses currently waiting for Bootcamp and/or Cultivate).

The theme for Third Harvest is Making Dreams Real. This became our T-Shirt statement early on, and has become the mantra we live by and take extremely seriously. We have helped entrepreneurial people throughout Tasmania make their dreams real: they have given up their day jobs, built their families into their businesses, employed staff, built new premises and spoken with confidence and excitement about their futures.

We are very excited to announce Third Harvest at Willie Smith’s Apple Shed on Monmday the 29th November is a Full House. Standing room only!  The latest crop of 13 Cultivators will be “Cultivated” among out Seedlab Village of Alumni, Sponsors, Stakeholders, Local Legends and Global Gurus.

You can read all about it here: