Business support for food, drink and agritourism businesses.


These are deep dive Masterclasses from Global Gurus and Local Legends. Available to the wider food and beverage ecosystem in Tasmania and Australia (fee-based).

Propagate – The Incubator

Propagate Masterclasses are where we bring Global Gurus and Local Legends to provide timely, insightful, topic-specific information. Available to all Seedlab Alumni (The Pod) at no cost, and to larger SME and other businesses for a fee. Propagate will commence from October 2020 and will continue monthly throughout 2020 and 2021.

Propagation in Action


Masterclasses from the Seedlab Team, Global Gurus and Local Legends will cover everything from branding to intellectual property, specific export market insights to shelf-life, food safety, packaging and food technologies.

One-on-One Coaching

You need specific support to grow your business to become export-ready.

Propagate coaching will help get you where you need to be faster, and with reduced risk. Always remember: there are no guarantees of success, however!

Specific Assistance

Propagate will provide specific assistance to take your product or service to the next level. Things like market testing, contract manufacture, consumer testing and more.

What Happens After Propagate?

You’ll be more connected with the food and agritourism ecosystem in Tasmania and further afield. You may also be speaking with investors and other businesses for your business growth strategy. Seedlab will be there to support and guide your business growth. Together we are more.

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Upcoming Masterclasses & Workshops

Propagate Events are deep dive Masterclasses and Workshops from Global Gurus and Local Legends.

These will meet the needs of startups and larger Australian businesses, and are accessible by registration.

Feedback from Our Masterclasses 

& Workshops:

Thanks so much for today, it was just brilliant. I saw it advertised on LinkedIn and myself and one of my new colleagues got tickets just last week – only my second week at the business – such a perfect fit for the new job”


RMR Process (Melbourne)

“First, a complaint! I received my nibbles pack today and for the life of me I can’t figure out how it will survive until the event. Please consider putting less tasty items in next time!”


South Australia

Previous Masterclasses & Workshops:

Propagate #2:
Fabulous Ferments and How to Control Them

Fabulous Ferments Eventbrite

Propagate #1:
Developing Value -Added foods

Developing Value -Added foods

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