Business support for food, drink and agritourism businesses.

There were 40 applicants; 28 signed agreements were returned, and 26 participants participated in Bootcamp #3.

These were the usual mix of agritourism, food and drink producers from around the State, including King Island and the East Coast. The tried and tested format for Bootcamp delivered over 2 weeks live online worked exceedingly well. The group were focused, energised and excited to be there. We ran a tight ship – covering a broad range of essential topics including developing your brand story, identifying your target customer, understanding your business type and exit strategy, setting goals and action plans, undertaking competitor analysis and obtaining consumer feedback. Phew! 

We all recently met up for dinner (Hobart) and lunch (Launceston), and with the Seedlab Alumni. Many food and drink products were shared – the generosity of spirit and the sheer excitement about being part of something bigger was tangible. A highlight for me, was 10 of us standing around the boot of a car in a car park on a dark and chilly Friday night, solemly donning one white glove each, to take in hand a frozen ice glass into which a tiny nip of icy blue Absinthe was poured. After we imbibed, the ice glasses were smashed to the ground. What an experience!


Feedback from Bootcamp #3:

  • “I have found my focus, and the fire in my belly!” Rebecca, Dellwood.
  • I realised that perhaps we do have what it takes to ‘do this’!  I hadn’t really realised our product probably has more delivery-to-market channels than I initially thought.  I learnt that minimum viable product is about getting to market before every single aspect of our product, packaging and marketing is perfect and NOT about having loads and loads of product ready to go before we launch. I have a Seedlab Academy of resources to access at my fingertips”. Cat, Herbert & Co Honeybees.
  • “Seedlab will definitely benefit our business, through social media and our website alone, let alone all the other tips we have picked up, and we will also go back over in coming months. It has also given us confidence that we can grow this business into something bigger”. Cam and Ally (The Crumpeteers).
  • “Bootcamp made us realise how seriously we have to take our business. We are more focused and organised with our planning and, interestingly, over the two weeks, we developed a way of working more efficiently and effectively with each other. It was great to meet others travelling on the same journey”. Cathryn & David, Old Beach Berries.
  • “The whole experience has been fantastic. Bootcamp really has been timely for me; I have wanted to learn about running a better business but really did not know where to start. I knew it would be big, and you have given me an incredible start and lots to think about. A huge shout out to you all! Thank you!”. Jean, Southarm Craft Distillery.